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Buzzboy: Sidekicks Rule! 3-Issue Miniseries
Signed Deluxe Collection

By John Gallagher, Rich Faber, and Thom Zahler!

$10.00 - Signed by Gallagher

Collecting the three-issue miniseries, plus an 11x17 poster, with art by the late great Mike Wieringo!

Buzzboy is the world's coolest super sidekick, without a care in the world! But what happens when his mentor, Captain Ultra, and all the top adult superheroes disappear, and Buzzboy and friends are left to save the world? Funny, fun, and full of action-- Find ot what happens when the Sidekicks take over!


Buzzboy Volume 1:
Trouble in Paradise

By John Gallagher, Steve Hauk, and Ted Tucker
$11.95 - Signed by Gallagher


Sky Dog Press presents this newly remastered Buzzboy trade paperback, collecting the original, critically-acclaimed Buzzboy miniseries, with over 20 pages of extra art and features! Buzzboy is a teen sidekick that never grew up, a too-much TV watching, junk food eating super hero-- and earth's only hope? Teamed up with a sarcastic young sorceress, and an ex-mad scientist (who gave up being evil for baking), Buzzboy must battle his Elvis-impersonating ex-mentor Lord Ultra for the fate of the world. Get in on the pop culture loving, upbeat fun of Buzzboy!



Buzzboy Volume 2:
Monsters, Dreams & Milkshakes

By John Gallagher, Rich Faber, Tim Ogline & Co.
$11.95 - Signed by Gallagher

Roboy Red was America's favorite cartoon character, but now his 178 cartoons have been programmed into a trur blue, er red robot, who sees the world through cartoon eyes! Helped by friends Tuck and Dara, they try to keep one step ahead of the villainous Gorilla Greene! What happend when Roboy and Tuck head to the movies for a little downtime? Find out in this thr=illing adventure!


Here's What Publisher's Weekly Says About Buzzboy...

Buzzboy has all the clean cut elements--dialogue, design, costumes--of a classic sixties comic. The story follows the misadventures of a costumed hero, Buzzboy, former sidekick to this world's greatest hero, Ultra a.k.a. Captain Ultra. Ultra has turned rogue and is terrorizing all of Paradise City. Most of the other heroes and sidekicks of Paradise City have disappeared, with many presumed dead. Buzzboy was one such hero, and has been thought lost forever, but he's resurfaced just in time to help combat Ultra's evil and save the world.Buzzboy's return sparks the emergence of the rest of the super powered element in Paradise City, and now all of the superheroes have banded together with one common goal: restoring order and peace.

With a cartoony style very reminiscent of classic Archie Comics, Gallagher introduces his cast and world. Within a few pages, the gist of the story is revealed, drawing readers into Buzzboy and the duty he must fulfill.Gallagher's gray tones add lots of flavor and flair to the artwork and give each page more depth and dimension, and in fact, seem appropriate for the book's retro feel.

Buzzboy is also a "Where's Waldo" of sorts with cartoon, comics, TV, movie, and other characters drawn into the crowd and background scenes. From page to page the reader never knows whose name will be dropped or who or what may appear next. It's that unpredictability and fun that makes Buzzboy something accessible to everyone.

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